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Welding Controls

We can install most leading brands of welding controls; Entron, Unitrol, or  WTC.  We keep on hand loaner boards for Entron controls, as well as some for other controls.

We also stock loaner boards, panels, and parts for many of the older controls, including Robotron and Weltronic.

As a service to our customers, we stock a new Entron EN1000-1200E  control.  If your machine goes down, and you need a replacement control, we can keep your machine's down time to a minimum, and  get you up and running again.  We can, in our shop, usually install a control  with a day or two.

For most single phase spot welders, this control will suffice.  We recommend the  Entron Controls as they have proven reliable and easy to use.  We have found that, in most cases, a standard EN1000 control will suffice.  This will give you all the options you need; squeeze, weld, hold, off, and  pulsation.  These controls offer more than these few options, but most of you will not need more.  These controls come in several configurations as to cabinet size and panel orientation. Machine disconnects can be installed right in the control as an option.   Shown below, are two of the most commonly used Entron controls and cabinets, along with a close up of the control panel:
If you would like to know the size of control your machine would need, please refer to the table below.  If you have any questions concerning this, feel free to call us.  Prices are available on request.

For 220 volt KVA  For 440 volt KVA

There are other options and controls offered by Entron, and we will be more than happy to install any of them.  Please contact us for more information concerning these controls.

One of the other control options that could fit your needs is the Cascade control.  This control has multiple contactors inside.  On a multihead machine or multiple gun welder, this is very handy.  It allows you to bring all the guns down at once, and then fire them in  a ripple effect.  We used this control for the first machine listed in the Special Machine page.

We  occasionally have used controls that are for sale.  These vary from week to week, so please call to see what we have on hand.  This is a low cost alternative that can be helpful in these tight budget times. 


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